Transitional Kindergarten – Ms. Quiroz


Ms. Angela Quiroz has been working in the Extended Care program at Saint Clement for 21 years. This is her 17th year as Director and her fourth year as the Transitional Kindergarten teacher. She received her preschool teaching certificate from Chabot College. Ms. Angela loves traveling to Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest as well as going to the beach, watching movies, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.

Transitional Kindergarten is referred to as the “gift of time.” The TK year “has a tremendous impact on children’s school readiness.” By becoming familiar with our school and daily routines as well as learning to properly write first and last names and developing social skills, TK students will be ready for the Kindergarten class structure. They will work on developing core readiness skills including crayon/pencil grip, letter and number recognition, number and letter formation, body awareness, and developing oral language skills. They will learn that they are children of God, who the Holy Family is, and the importance of daily prayer in their lives.