Sixth Grade – Miss Sakata


Miss Sakata graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, but it was her experience at Holy Spirit Parish that began her teaching career. She taught confirmation classes to high school students for seven years, and spent four of those years coordinating and managing the WAVES peer ministry program. It was during her time there that she found her love and passion for teaching. She finds motivation in seeing her students grow in their faith and academics, and enjoys building strong connections with every student. She has learned that her students are also teachers, as they have taught her many things as well. Outside of the classroom, Miss Sakata loves to dance Tahitian, coach girls and boys club volleyball, and grub out on delicious food!

As a second year teacher at Saint Clement, Miss Sakata has integrated a more hands-on learning environment. Students are more engaged by associating gestures and hands signals to the material, along with being able to teach their fellow classmates about the information being taught. She plans on continuing a very fostering learning environment, while keeping her lessons relevant, silly, and exciting to the youth.

Saint Clement has provided her with such a wonderful opportunity and she is excited to give back to her students. She believes that it was always God’s plan for her to teach, and she is so grateful that she has been welcomed into such a loving community.