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Parents who wish their children to attend Saint Clement Catholic School can pick up the necessary registration application after January 1st of each year from the school office. Testing for the following school year is usually in mid-March.

Consideration is given as to whether or not it is thought that Saint Clement Catholic School can meet the educational needs of a student. All new students are accepted on academic and behavioral probation for the first year.

Students applying for grades K-8 who have exhibited academic and social readiness and have submitted a favorable report from their previous school will be accepted in this priority:

  1. Siblings of students presently attending Saint Clement Catholic School.
  2. Students whose families are registered and active parishioners, who regularly attend Mass at St. Clement Church. Family registration must be on file in the St. Clement Parish Office.
  3. Catholic students from outside the parish.
  4. Other students who, by their behavior and attitude, demonstrate an acceptance of the Saint Clement Catholic School philosophy.

As long as space is available, no qualified student will be denied admission to the school on the basis of race, sex, color, or ethnic origin.

To apply to Saint Clement Catholic School, please submit the following:

Application Checklist

  • Complete online application (2020 – 2021 Online Admissions Application)

o    ENGLISH –

o    SPANISH –

  • Complete online application (2021 – 2022 Online Admissions Application)

o    ENGLISH –

o    SPANISH –

  • Birth Certificate – Copy of the original
  • $60 Non-Refundable Application Fee
  • Baptismal Certificate – Copy of the original if the child was baptized in the Catholic Church
  • First Communion Certificate – Copy of the original, if applicable
  • Copy of the most current report card (for students entering into Grades 1-8)
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