Fourth Grade – Mrs. DeLeon


Mrs. DeLeon has her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from California State University East Bay. She has been working at Saint Clement Catholic School for 16 years. She started working in the Extended Care Program and was an Instructional Assistant in the classroom. The 2013-2014 school year was her first year as a classroom teacher. She has always enjoyed working with children. Mrs. DeLeon has an eight-year old daughter who also attends Saint Clement Catholic School, and two-year old twin girls . She loves to play sports and dance hula. Teaching has always been a part of her life, and she loves the rewards that come with teaching, knowing that she made a difference, big or small, in a child’s life. Seeing the students succeed at any goal they set is well worth the time and effort she gives to each child everyday. The smiles they have on their faces when they have successfully mastered a skill is why she became a teacher.

Students learn a number of new things in fourth grade, both socially and academically. This year is the genesis of the too-heavy-backpack, as each subject in fourth grade has its own book and notebook. In fourth grade, students use root words, context clues, and word endings to figure out new words. They spend long periods of time reading and writing on their own. Most importantly, they start to learn to organize this information into paragraphs, essays, projects, and presentations that help them synthesize their learning. They develop a writing style in which their personality comes through as well as skills to help them edit their work. For math, the fourth graders read, write, compare, add, subtract, multiply, and divide with very large whole numbers. They do more equations with fractions and decimals and learn about prime numbers. They solve problems about factors and multiples and explore geometry formulas for determining perimeter and area, and for measuring angles. In Social Studies, the fourth grade typically moves from learning about the local community to the history of California. Students will learn about the first people to live in the area, explore changes in state populations over time, and how different people and cultures have adapted to and influenced the state. They will collaborate with peers frequently on many different projects and classwork to practice teamwork and respect for one another.